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Deny We Were Reviews & Photos

2022 Fresh Fruit Festival NYC Production

Photos: Dan Lane

Deny We Were

"In Deny We Were playwright Joe Moe has crafted a saga of family dynamics,
sexual power shifting, manipulative truth-withholding, and ultimately insightful character revelation
that never ceases to engage, enrage, and enthrall."

-- Elise Dewsberry - (Artistic Director, New Musicals Inc.)

Deny We Were

"Deny We Were honors its promise of payback to the audience for our emotional investment,
thanks to Joe Moe's script and the hard-working performances of the four actors."
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-- Jed Ryan - (Lavender After Dark Media)

Deny We Were

"Deny We Were; is a mordantly funny and moving meditation on unconventional love;
how it binds and breaks us and how it puts us back together again. A play that is both wildly entertaining
and thought provoking, it will grab you by the heart strings and won't let go."

-- Adam Robitel (writer/director)

Deny We Were

"Deny We Were is a refreshing take on an important aspect of LGBTQ+ culture." Read more.
-- Jan Ewing - (Pup's Books)

Deny We Were

"Joe Moe, a multifaceted artist of extraordinary talent, has concocted a hilarious
and heartbreaking play about self-deception."

-- Brian Woodbury (composer, dramatist)

Deny We Were

"Manages to take timeless issues about love, family, friendship, desire, identity,
and weaves them into a bittersweet story about the ways in which unconventional relationships
can enrich us when we're open to them, and hold us back when confronted by convention.
This is a smart and moving play, by a much-needed voice in the theater."

-- Martin Aguilera (screenwriter)

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