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 Joe Moe

     Joe Moe is a 3rd generation Hawaiian entertainer, studio vocalist, screenwriter, FX artist and designer of dark rides for international theme parks. He co-created Mad Monster magazine and conventions, which he hosted for a decade. Joe currently hosts Days of the Dead horror cons nationally and created and edits a series of five annual Days of the Dead/Black Bed Sheet Books "Fanthologies" discovering and publishing new horror writers. Joe was caretaker to the late 92-year-old genre legend and creator/editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, Forrest J Ackerman (1916-2008) in his Ackermansion of Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror. You can hear Joe's solo CD Mainland at iTunes. Joe served as catalog editor for Profiles in History, premiere Hollywood memorabilia auction house. Joe is currently developing a new theatrical project with Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy and FX makeup wizard Chris Gallagher.

Funky Facts: Joe sculpted a monster mask, Schizoid, for legendary Don Post Studios, once operated the front half of beloved Muppet, Snuffleupagus, and swam with a 7-foot Tiger Shark (accidentally)! Joe happily lives and toils in Hollywood, California.

Monster Kid of the Year! 2008 RONDO AWARDS

"For his quiet, constant and unwavering stewardship
of Forrest J Ackerman's final decade of life,
Joe Moe revealed not only the man behind Mr. Monster,
but the grace and strength of the ultimate fan.
For being there when we all couldn't,
Joe Moe is Monster Kid of the Year."

Joe's sculpt for Don Post's Schizoid mask is immortalized
in Haim Steinbach's , pop conceptual artwork,
Pink Accent #2 (1987), at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Dear Joe,

I just wanted to write you and thank you for creating my favorite childhood mask - the Don Post 909, Schizoid.

I was cleaning out an old room full of my stuff last weekend and found the mask still on the mannequin head I put it on a lot of years ago. I bought it in the 80s when I was in high school, from a magic shop in Santa Barbara.

My middle daughter told me she wanted it and ask if I would see if it was still being produced. With a few Internet searches I came across your blog where you told the story of how it was created. So I thought I would let you know I had many years of Halloween use out of it before I retired it to the mannequin head.

Well thanks again,

Jim Martin

Oh, and here's my inspiration from all those years ago...

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