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Joe Moe has created a series of "Fanthologies" discovering and featuring short stories by new horror writers. Partnering with Days of the Dead Horror Conventions and Publisher Nicholas Grabowsky of Black Bed Sheet Books. Joe curates and edits themed collections of horror stories while supporting and mentoring their young writers. Watch this space for future submission info. Click here for Joe's Amazon Author Page.

Joe Moe has written for Phil Kim's Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine ever since it was relaunched in 2008. His interview style has been described as "insider" as his friendships with some of his subjects make for intimate and insightful conversation. His sentimental Forry Ackerman essays, an article on director Jennifer Lynch on the eve of helming her first The Walking Dead episode, and his recurring coverage of Showtime's Penny Dreadful have been hallmarks of his FM contributions.

Famous Monsters of Filmland #279

Famous Monsters of Filmland #278

Famous Monsters of Filmland #276

Joe was co-creator and editor of Mad Monster magazine. Aside from publishing the magazine, the Mad Monster organization puts on shows and other events nationwide. Mad Monster Party horror conventions are held annually in Charlotte, N.C. and Phoenix, AZ. as well as occasional stops in New Orleans, Chicago, and Seattle. Monthly screenings of monster movies are hosted by the historical Grauman's Chinese Theatre!

Mad Monster Issue#4

Joe Moe is Cataloger and Consignment Specialist for Heritage Auctions, premiere Hollywood memorabilia and Historical document auction houses. Joe has worked on projects for Marvel, Debbie Reynolds, Jonathan Fraker, Culver Studios archives, Glee, and the Narnia series. Favorite pieces include: the bird cage from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Jacqueline Susann's typed and hand-annotated manuscript for Valley of the Dolls, Jack Pierce's makeup kit, the front door from the Psycho house, and a stretching portrait from Disney's Haunted Mansion attraction!

Frazetta Collection

Hollywood Auction #62

Morris Everett Jr Auction Pt 1

Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine presented Joe Moe as "senior editor" of FM retro-issues #70, 71 and 192 Produced in the style of 1970s-80s era FM, these mags feature articles on classic horror media and events that helped shape our entertainment culture! You'll also revisit classic features like, Mystery Photo, You Axed For It, Fang Mail and Things to Come. Take a trip back in time with Joe Moe and Famous Monsters!

Famous Monsters of Filmland #192

Famous Monsters of Filmland: The Annotated #1

The Annotated Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine #1! Presented by Joe Moe, this new book chronicles the creation of the very first issue of filmdom's favorite and most influential periodical. This is the first in a series of books that Joe Moe will be contributing to the FM empire!

Mad Monster

Joe Moe was co-editor of this activity filled monster mag. Paper models, puzzles, games and lots of information cram the creative pages of this throwback to a time when horror was fun and paper was necessary! Uncle Creepy of says, "Buy two, you'll want to have an extra copy to play with!

Famous Monsters of Filmland #70

Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine presents Joe Moe as "senior editor" of FM retro-issue #70. Produced in the style of 1970s-era FM, the mag features articles on Count Yorga Vampire, Hercules in New York, The Bride of Frankenstein and more! You'll also revisit classic features like, Mystery Photo, You Axed For It, Fang Mail and Things to Come. Take a trip back in time with Joe Moe and Famous Monsters!

Joe Moe provides a candid introduction to this "kitchen sink" bio about his best friend and genre icon Forrest J Ackerman. Only a couple of months out and already in its second printing, this is a hardcover edition lovingly written by Deborah Painter and published by McFarland Publishing.

Jim Green and Al Astella have put together this trade-paperback about the notorious "Ackermansion". Composed mostly of Al's pictures from visits to this odd-ball museum of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror memorabilia. Joe Moe has written the afterword for this colorful book on the unique house he lived in with Forry Ackerman from the 80's right up until the time it was dismantled. Published by Midnight Marquee Press.

Anthology of the Living Dead

Edited by J. Travis Grundon, published by Nicholas Grabowski's Black Bed Sheet Books imprint, features Joe's story: A HICCUP. A REMEDY. Joe is also a contributer to Phil Kim's Famous Monsters of Filmland.

"Joe Moe was raised on my iconic monster magazine and is now raising monsters of his own. In his story, A HICCUP. A REMEDY, Joe gives a fresh (er, rotten?) spin to the Zombie genre. Like Joe's screenwriting, his short story is cinematic, disturbing and wildly creative. In short, Joe Moe's gruesome tale is to (un)die for!" – Forrest J Ackerman, Original editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.

"The talented Mr. Moe has taken a well-worn horror theme and treated it in an amazingly literate, wholly unorthodox way. It will be remarked upon forever after." – Earl Roesel, Scarlet Street: the magazine of Mystery and Horror.

Monsters: A Celebration of the Classics from Universal Studios

Worlds of Tomorrow: The Amazing Universe of Science Fiction Art

Forrest J Ackerman's World of Science Fiction

Famous Monsters Birthday Book

Horrorwood Babbles On Joe Moe's monthly column at

Rue Morgue Magazine Contributor

Scarlet Magazine Contributor


Red Velvet (w/Anthony Burns)


Breaking Champ Smith

Devil's Highway (w/Sean O'bannon & Brinke Stevens) - optioned

Filth Eater - optioned

Order Up!

Sideshow (w/John Goss)

Wasted Space


Above All, Underground - commissioned adaptation of Dostoevsky's "Notes from Underground"

Killa Vanilla (w/Brian Woodbury)

Space Opera (w/Brian Woodbury)

The People of Sound and Silence - for Tony Award winning Theater Deaf West (w/Clifford Tasner)

That Porn Musical (w/Richard Hefner and Brian Woodbury)

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